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    james fotheringhame cvA Fascination with Alexander Calder’s ‘Circus’, constructed from found objects, along with The Cabaret Mechanical Theatre’s automata, inspired me to construct mechanical sculptures and automata at college. Found objects from the family farm turned into life size scratching pigs and walking geese, assembled using a variety of techniques. The relationship between human and animal is a recurrent theme, as the manipulation by hand cranks to animate the creatures suggests.

    The use of perforated metal and meshes has become the material of choice to define form and create a transparency to observe the mechanics and the drawn wire structure. Birds, insects, mammals, fish, and crustaceans, either at the farm, on the coast, at wildlife parks, or even wildlife on the screen, are now my subjects.

    I have recently become interested in the idea of protection and using images of armour and trophy heads in my work.
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